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For a few years, Christine and I did art fairs – you know, the kind with artists and crafts people in their canvas mini galleries. We have also done other kinds of shows that have brought us face to face with prospective purchasers. This is so different from being in a gallery where you give them your work, go home and pray that a check will arrive in the mail. Anyway, I learned one thing from the direct selling experiences. That is, I’m a better artist than salesperson. At least I hope that is the case. I will simply say this. People viewing art will sometimes be stopped by a painting. They have a communication with it, they connect with it. If you have connected in this way with any of my paintings, please take this as a message to consider taking the next step.

The Next Step

If you live in the Minneapolis area or happen to be coming near St. Bonifacius, I will be glad to show you paintings at my studio. Otherwise, write to me on the “Your Message” form or call me at 952-446-8157. I will send you the painting on approval. You need to see the real thing to make a decision. Sometimes I have arranged to meet a client half way between their town and mine to show them a painting. Sending paintings through the mail can get rather pricey, especially for large paintings. Since I try to keep my prices on the low side, I need to be reimbursed for shipping charges. I use FedEx for these services and will get an estimate to you for these charges. If you decide not to keep the painting, I will understand that you didn’t connect with it. Just send it back to me and I will be grateful for your interest in my work.

About the Frames

The frame is an important and integral factor for presenting a painting well. Most of my paintings are priced with a frame included, unless otherwise noted. I select good quality plein aire style frames in either gold or espresso (dark brown, slight reddish tone)) with a gold line accenting the frame opening. These frames are usually 3 to 3 ½ inches wide, so add that on to the unframed size and allow for that in determining how a painting would fit in a wall space. After framing hundreds of paintings, I have found that some look better in gold and some look better in espresso so I frame them accordingly. Some of the large paintings are on Masonite panels which I make. These are framed in floater frames (minimal, museum style, maple) as I feel this gives them the best sense of expansiveness for their size and subject matter.


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